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Welcome to Shopping Town

The following information is to show you how to build an online shop with your own domain or sell your items as a part or all items from your own site on If you are new to run an online shop on your own domain or want to sell items from your own site on, please follow the flow chart to run an online shop.

How To Customize Template And Template Samples

Open New Account

  • Register to start selling your product
  • Selling Goods made it Easy

Post Your Product

  • Shoes, Shirts, etc
  • Post your Items

Update My Profile

  • Edit Your Information

Change Logo

  • Upload Your logo
  • Change it anytime you want

Open Your Shop

  • Start selling your product here
  • One stop Shop

Add Domain

  • Add Your Existing Domain

Update/Remove Product

  • You Can Add And Remove Your Products

Change Password

  • Secure Your Profile
  • Change Your Password Often

Account Points

  • Earn Points

Add Credits

  • Payments
  • Add Credit To Your Account

Add Referrer

  • Add Referrer To Earn Points

Update Referrer

  • Update Your Referrer Info

Remove Referrer

  • Remove Your Referrer

Return Policy

  • Return the item
  • Within 20 days From the Ship

Shipping/Delivery Policy

  • Set Your Shipping Policy
  • Terms And Condition

Payment Option

  • We Accept Paypal
  • Choose Your Payment Options

Manage Your Account

  • Customize Your Profile
  • Update/Remove

Customize Navigation Bar

  • Drag and drop
  • Add Menus To Your Navigation Bar

Change Theme Color

  • Change Text Color
  • Change Background Color

Delivery Group

  • Create Your Delivery
  • Choose Your Prefer Delivery

Delivery Charge Info

  • Allow the clients to specify tax
  • Delivery Price (Include GST)

Delivery Insurance

  • High value items may require insurance

Payment Processing

  • Choose Your Payment Processing
  • Also Accept Bpay

Set Up Warranty

  • Create Your Own Warranty

Deposit Account

  • Transaction Accounts
  • Savings Account

Setup Location

  • Company Address
  • Landmark

Order History

  • View Your Order History

Transaction History

  • View Your Transaction History

Delivery Information

  • View Your Delivery Information
  • Order Management

View Order Details

  • item Ordered    
  • Order ID

Print Invoice

  • Print Your Receipt

Setup Site Info

  • Setup Your Site Information
  • Add/Remove

Upgrade Account

  • Upgrade Your Account
  • Add Products Listing

Shop Account Points

  • Earn Points While Shopping
  • More Shop More Points

Renew Account

  • Your Account Is important
  • Renew and get more advantage

View Profile

  • Check Your Profile
  • Add/Remove

How To Sell Goods

  • Sell Your Products
  • Follow the Instructions

Become A Supplier

  • Production of Merchandise

Upload Images

  • Upload Item images

Purchase Item

  • Credit card or Payal
  • Payment Mehod

Remove Item(s)
From Shopping Cart

  • Less your Items
  • Cancell your purchase

Create/Update Shop

  • Create Database
  • Start now with us

Input Item

  • Post Your Item
  • Choose your Category
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