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Set up Site Info

  1. Log In your account
  2. Enter your username, password and security code then click Log In
  3. Hover My Shop hover again Set Site Info/Theme Color Click Set Site Info
  4. Please know that tax percentage in the set site info is default tax info for whole of your site. because tax is very complicated and it varies from country to country. In some country, it may vary from one category to another category. Therefore we set up general use as default for all items. in the whole site. We have set up facility to change every item or every item for the payment so that it can really reflect this change. Therefore it is your responsibility to change this info to reflect real tax charge. If it is reflected incorrectly, please set up it to 0, and we will not calculate and it is your resposibility to add it manually. Netsky Pty Ltd will have no responsibity for the any loss if you have input incorrect info. Please change all our personel info in the help to test contact info like or test phone number, ... beacuse some people may spam you and the system, wich will cause you a problem in the future.
  5. Please fill up the important fields then click submit once done
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