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Affiliate Program

Earn more with your website and its popularity

You can earn up to 20.0% of our commission. Just one referred click may be worth $10, $100, $1000 or more!

Program Benefits

1. When a client purchases an item from, upon successfully recieving the sale's commission, we will split the commission into three parts: for us, we reserve 40.0%. 40.0% is awarded to the buyer as Points which may be used to purchase further goods or services from the site. The remaining we entitle to you; as the referrer of the sale.

2. For any visitor who visits, we register a tag for 90 days. If this visitor purchases any goods on our site in these 90 days, from which we receive any commission, then you are entitled 20.0% of the commission given by seller.

3. Therefore, you can see the site much like setting up your own shopping site, only without the hard work. How much is one click referred by you? $10, $100 or even $1000 dollars or more -- because this referer record will continue if the buyer continues to buy goods on until he/she has not made a purchase for 90 days. After this period, your referral is expired.

4. We bring hundreds and thousands of merchants to to sell their products and services. We also give 40.0% of our commission to the buyer as points whenever we earn any commission, as a bonus and further incentive to buy goods and services listed on By these methods, we are able to attract and keep more clients, and you are able to get more commission from us by being our referrer.

How To Join

Registration with is Free and only takes a few minutes.

1. Read and agree to our Affiliate FAQs & Affiliate Agreement

2. Register on our site if you do not already have an account with Please ensure that you use a valid e-mail address as all notices and confirmations will be sent to the e-mail given.

3. Login and submit your domain(s) or url(s) which will be used for referrals.

4. You will recieve confirmation by e-mail shortly after the submission of this form.

5. Follow the step-by-step instructions to set up the links on your site or web page.

6. Start earning. Join now for free!


1. When do we receive commission?

When we have successfully received commission from the seller your commission will initially be awarded to you as points, which can immediately be used to buy anything on in the same way as you would with money. If you have enough points for them to be converted to A$100, we will cash you in on the 15th of each month. However, you will first need to make such a request. Otherwise, the credit will remain as points in your account.

3. How does the program work?
You, the affiliate, places links on your website. You can place as many links and banners on the page(s) of your site as you wish. However, before you do so you will need to register the page(s) or domain with us by submitting your referer url here, so that we can identify your referer id by domain or url of page(s). Using this method, we can completely remove the problems associated with just using links containing the user or referer id, such as spammers and users claiming referral links posted on a domain or url(s) not belonging to them. We record all of the referring pages. Whenever a visitor shops on, we check the landing page with our list of affiliated urls to see whether or not there has been a referral. If there has, we will split the commission as detailed above. After the commission is paid, the appropriate points will be added to your account. You will immediately be able to use these points to shop on or request a deposit from your account.
Each visitor sent by you receives a cookie that remains active for 90 days, allowing us to track and pay you for all shopping made by that visitor within that period, even if he/she comes back to directly within this time.



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