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Rules for details within ads

These rules tell you what you can and cannot put into your ad, including titles, descriptions, photos and other extra details, such as payment and delivery information.

Ad titles and short descriptions

Item Name:

Only Alphabets, Digits, Space, Underscore, Minus, Double Quote and Plus allowed can be used in the item name.

Must not contain the words "ONO" or "Negotiable"

Joining words together in your ad titles and descriptions is prohibited. reserves the right to cancel or alter an ad where words have been combined or altered inappropriately.

Contact details

Ad Titles and descriptions must not include contact information such as your name, address (street, suburb, town), telephone numbers (landline or mobile) or email addresses.

Depended on what seller account you hold, your contact information will be displayed automatically. If you are personal account, eg, private sale, we list sale person with item. If you are stall account, we will list stall name/business name and stall assistant/sale person. If you are a shop account, we list company/business name, address, ABN, phone number and shop assistant name.

HTML content

Ads must not contain any of the following:

  • Certain types of all scripting (eg JavaScript, XML, PHP, ASP etc)
  • Applets, forms, executable files or active content
  • Video, sound and animations
  • Direct links to downloadable files
  • Inputs from Microsoft Word or PowerPoint
  • Links to external CSS, storefronts or websites that offer services or goods for sale
  • Dynamic scripting languages (eg Flash, XML, CGI and PHP)

Please refer to the HTML guidelines for further details.


You must not include pricing information within ad titles or descriptions. Pricing must only be entered into the pricing field.

For example:

  • $ symbol followed by numbers, eg. $27.95
  • $ & written as words, eg. twenty dollars fifty cents
  • numbers written as words, eg. twenty, three, thousand.

Prohibited items or activities bans the sale or advertising of certain items and illegal activities. Be sure to read our policy on prohibited items for a detailed list if you're uncertain about your item.

Offensive language

You must not use offensive language or profanities. may withdraw or alter an ad that contains inappropriate language or information. Read the Usage Rules in the Terms of Use for more information.

Third party intellectual property rights

Ads must not infringe third party intellectual property rights. Infringements include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Copying and displaying a third party's logo, product description, photo either from another seller's ad or from any other source.
    Listing and selling an imitation or copy of a brand name's product.
  • Any alleged infringements of the intellectual property rights of a third party will result in the removal of the ad from Read the Intellectual Property Protection for further details.

References to third party organisations and websites

Sellers must not make reference to sales or advertising with third party organisations or websites that offer to trade, sell or purchase goods or services outside of the

Prohibited payment methods

Seller must not communicate to buyers to mail cash or use payment methods that are cash transfer services, such as Western Union.

Ads must not misrepresent items

The item must be described accurately and honestly in the ad.

Misrepresentation can include:

  • listing ads in inappropriate categories
  • entering keywords in the title or description that do not appropriately describe the item
  • identifying an inaccurate location of the item.

Intent to sell

Sellers must be prepared and willing to sell their item at the time of placing their ad. They must not list an item which is not intended to sell.

Displaying your business details

Sellers wishing to include business details should choose a appropriate account, eg. limited account: stall account, full details listing account: shop account.


Sellers who do not select to open a business account are prohibited from displaying their business with item details, including but not limited to:


  • Business Name
  • Business supporter image
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business Street Address

Advertising multiple items in one ad

As a general guideline, you should only advertise one item per ad and every ad must only have one selling price.

The advantage of selling only one item in your ad is that buyers will be able to find your item easier when you:

  • list each item you are selling under the correct category
  • write an ad title that is descriptive and use keywords that are specific to each individual item.

Identical items

You may sell multiple identical items in one ad when you:

  • list one selling price as the combined selling price of all items for sale, and
  • sell the items all together as one "lot".

Non-identical items

You may sell multiple non-identical items in one ad only if the items are closely interrelated and you must:

  • list one selling price as the combined selling price of all items for sale,
  • sell the items all together as one "lot", and
  • provide details for all items included in the ad.

Garage sales are excluded.

Correct examples

50 SONY DVD-R + bonus Spiderman II DVD - $200
SONY - 16x and 4.7GB (120mins) BONUS SPIDERMAN II DVD, $200 for the lot.
Giant TCR Road Bike and gear - $1600
Bike Med/Large, Shimano Ultegra 10 Groupset, D-lock, front and rear lights, helmet.
All good condition. $1600 for the lot.

Incorrect examples

Furniture - coffee table, couch, dining table - $250
Moving overseas and selling all my furniture. IKEA couch $500, coffee table $250 and dining table $700. Will sell separately or all for $1000.
Lady handbags - $350
Ladies handbags, bronze colour, all bags new, latest designs for all age groups. $350 each.

* Selling animal litters

If you are selling a litter of animal litters you may sell them individually.

Correct examples for Pets

Golden Retriever puppies - $600
Six Golden Retriever puppies for sale. 3 males 1 females $600 each

Incorrect examples for Pets

Golden Retriever puppies - $1200
6 Golden retriever puppies. 2 males $500 ea, 4 females. $100ea. 1 runt male $1200 may withdraw your ad if we consider your ad to be inappropriately advertising multiple items or if the price listed for the multiple items is undervalued. See Terms of Use for details.

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