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Prohibited content

All ads and communications between members must comply with the guidelines below and must comply with all applicable laws.

Prohibited ad details

All content within ads must comply with our rules for ad details.

Ad titles and descriptions must not contain details such as:

  • personal contact details
  • pricing details
  • certain HTML tags and scripting
  • offensive language
  • prohibited payment methods

Prohibited details via services

You must ensure that any details you submit via any of the Services do not contain inappropriate content, such as:

  • Harmful or abusive language, expletives or profanities, obscenities, racist language, or harassing, threatening, offensive, discriminatory, vulgar or sexually explicit language.
  • Defamatory comments.
  • Information that personally identifies you or any other person, such as actual names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, URLs, photos or other pictorial representations.

Review the Policy for Member Communications for detailed information.

Prohibited items reserves the right to remove ads which advertise prohibited items. Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Items that are pornographic or are otherwise classified as:
    • Category 1 Restricted
    • Category 2 Restricted
    • X 18+
    • RC (refused classification)
  • Unclassified items that would or might have one of the above classifications if they were classified
  • Unclassified "submittable publications", as that term is defined in the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995
  • Unclassified films and unclassified computer games
  • Adult services
  • Drugs & drug paraphernalia
  • Tobacco
  • Liquor (alcoholic drinks), except to the extent permitted under the heading "Liquor ads" below
  • Food & food stuffs
  • Pharmaceuticals & prescribed medications
  • Weapons including:
    • firearms
    • crossbows
    • knives
    • swords
  • Ammunition and associated equipment
  • Explosives & fireworks
  • Hazardous materials - chemical, biological, radioactive
  • Human body parts or remains
  • Stuffed animals or animal products, including eggs and ivory
  • Radar detectors, radio scanners, jamming devices and prohibited speed measuring or traffic offence articles
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Satellite or cable TV descramblers
  • Magnetic stripe or smart card programming devices
  • Items referring to Nazis, the SS, or the KKK
  • Items referring to being authentic German or Japanese WWII goods
  • Government licenses, birth certificates, drivers licenses or passports
  • Fake identification cards
  • Law enforcement or security worker uniforms
  • Emergency services worker uniforms
  • Transport worker uniforms:
    • pilot
    • steward/stewardess
    • baggage handler
  • Airport services
  • Mass transit - train/bus/tram or related uniforms
  • Medical equipment
  • Gaming machines, eg. poker, slot, roulette
  • Airline tickets and other transport tickets
  • Boat Moorings
  • Recalled products. See Product Recalls Australia for more information
  • Raffles
  • Vehicle compliance plates.
  • Items that relate to crime, violence or hatred
  • Items related to an act of crime, including photographs
  • Items that are religiously or racially offensive
  • Misleading or potentially misleading job or business opportunities
  • Second-hand swimwear or lingerie
  • Credit notes

Items that infringe third party intellectual property rights

You must not promote or advertise goods and services that may infringe third party intellectual property rights.

These goods or services include pirated, counterfeit or unauthorized:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Television shows
  • Software
  • Video games
  • Currency, stamps, securities & equipment
  • Clothing, footwear and headgear
  • Boot leg audio or video
  • Copyright circumvention devices, including mod chips for game consoles. This includes using business names or company names which may be construed as offering or promoting goods or services associated with mod chips or pirated/counterfeit software.

Event tickets

While not prohibited by, the re-sale of event tickets (eg: tickets to concerts, theatre events, sporting events) is often controlled by the ticket issuer or promoter of the event.

In some circumstances, the resale of tickets to sporting and entertainment events may be prohibited or restricted under legislation and/or the terms and conditions set by the ticket issuer. For example, in some States, it is illegal to resell tickets for certain events for a price above their face value. Alternatively, the ticket terms and conditions may prevent you from reselling the ticket at all.

In some States, it may also be illegal to buy a ticket which is being sold illegally. It is the ticket seller's responsibility to ensure that the sale of the ticket does not contravene the ticket terms and conditions or any applicable law.

We recommend that you refer to the ticket terms and conditions or contact the ticket issuer for more information before buying or selling event tickets.

Domestic animals - general

When advertising pets or other domestic animals on, you are responsible for complying with (and ensuring that your ad complies with) all applicable laws, regulations and other legal requirements. does not condone the breach of any laws, including laws aimed at protecting the welfare of animals and protecting the community generally (for example, from dangerous dogs etc). Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • In some states or territories, it is mandatory to register domestic animals and to ensure that they are implanted with a unique identification tag before they are sold or given away. Some states or territories also have rules around the desexing of domestic animals. If you have any questions, you might wish to contact the relevant government authorities in your state or territory.
  • Don't sell animals to any person under 18 years.
  • Don't sell animals that are sick, diseased or dangerous.

Domestic animals - restricted dog breeds

You must not sell, advertise, or cause or permit the supply of the following dogs: dingo, dogo Argentino, fila Brasileiro, Presa Canario, Japanese Tosa, American Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, a cross breed or offspring of the aforementioned dogs (and in QLD a dog that is the subject of a restricted dog declaration).

Liquor ads

Except as expressly permitted under this section, you must not sell, advertise, or cause or permit the supply of liquor.

You may advertise liquor in, but only if you are a business (not a private advertiser) with a current licence to sell liquor in the advertised manner. When you advertise liquor, you must:

  • prominently display your licence number;
  • comply with any conditions attached to your licence;
  • comply with all relevant State and Territory laws, codes and standards applicable to the advertisement, sale and supply of that liquor;
  • ensure that the buyer is over 18 years of age (including complying with all applicable proof of age requirements); and
  • comply with all legal requirements for posting, transporting and delivering liquor to the buyer.


It is our intention to prohibit the publication of advertisements containing words and/or illustrations that are, in our opinion, vulgar, degrading, obscene or offensive. Items listed in the Art category (including but not limited to, paintings, photography, prints, drawings, carvings and sculptures) must be appropriate for a minor to view.

Photographic art cannot contain images that display frontal nudity or any visual representation of human genitalia or nipple.

In addition, artwork must not depict anyone who is or appears to be a minor (under 16 years of age).

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