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Here is the list of policies you need to comply with when you use services.

(a) Intellectual Property Protection

Describe the intellectual property you need to comply with.

(b) Html Practice Policy

List what you can do and what you cannot do. Here is listing basic skill to use html. However, in our system, we have produced everythings you wants to use if it is necessary. If you think any functions which is missing and it will be used necessarily for every to need, you can contact us and we will be free of charge to add new function for everyone to use. However, if it is special to you, then it would be charged at a reasonable and competitive price. Please contact us for quotation.

(c) Fee And Surcharge Policy

Describe fee to pay and other related paid service.

(c) Warn And Suspension Policy

Describe if you break our rules in full or in part, we will terminate your services in full or in part temporally or permanently.

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