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» Feedback And Rating Policy

Feedback and Ratings is designed to encourage fair and honest trading within the marketplace.

It provides an indication of the performance and reputation of traders which can also provide confidence for others to trade with you.

You can leave comments relating to your experience of the transaction with a buyer or seller, as well as a rating of positive, neutral or negative. The rating is then calculated as a total score which is linked to each member. See Feedback & Ratings to find out more.

Feedback policy

It is important to leave fair and honest comments and chose a rating of positive, neutral or negative which reflects your experience of the transaction with the member.

  • Feedback should only be left once the transaction is complete and the feedback comments may only relate to the experience of that transaction. Feedback cannot be left which relates to any other transaction.
  • Negative or neutral feedback must not be used as a way to intimidate or threaten others.
  • Limiting the use of feedback must not be used as a condition of sale within ads by sellers.
  • Negative and neutral feedback should be used fairly. For example, if the item was not as described from the original ad.
  • Feedback and ratings facilitated on are not transferable to other marketplaces or venues.

Feedback comments and responses must not include:

  • Profane, vulgar, obscene or racist language
  • Personal details, phone numbers, email or street addresses
  • Links to websites
  • References to organisations.

Members should note that they may be held legally responsible for damages to another members' reputation if a court were to find the remarks defaming.

Agreed Feedback Withdrawal policy

Feedback can be withdrawn if both parties to the transaction agree to the withdrawal. Feedback withdrawal can be initiated by either the buyer or seller, but shall only be withdrawn when the other agrees to the request to withdraw feedback. This can be done once you login and they are shown on the control panel. After click the Withdrawal to withdraw the feed back if the withdrawal is within the time limitation of the withdrawal of feed back.

Both the feedback comment and rating will be removed once both parties agree, and the members' rating score will be recalculated to reflect the withdrawal.

Rules for agreed feedback withdrawal

  • A request to withdraw feedback must be initiated within 30 days of the feedback being sent.
  • Once the request for withdrawal has been sent, the other party has 15 days to agree or disagree.
  • Once the 15 day period has lapsed, it will automatically reject the request and there will be no further opportunity to withdraw feedback.
  • Agreed feedback withdrawal can only be used once per transaction.
  • Once the feedback is withdrawn, there is no further opportunity to leave feedback relating to that transaction.

Feedback comments and ratings are an indication of seller and buyer performance. reserves the right, in its opinion, to suspend a member if it considers there has been an abuse of the Feedback and Ratings system.

Feedback breaches reserves the right, in its sole discretion to remove feedback in the following circumstances, but not limited to:

  • The feedback determined to be inappropriate.
  • The feedback is subject to court orders or legal proceedings.

Breaching the Feedback Policy or the Agreed Feedback Withdrawal Policy
Breaching these policies may result in ad cancellation and/or account suspension. A cancellation of ads or account does not entitle you to a refund.

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